Bitmap TrueType logo

The Benefits of Using Logo Fonts

  • Easy to use.
  • Saves money.
  • Fully scalable.
  • Resolution-independent.
  • Extremely high quality at all sizes.
  • TrueType logo fonts are fully colorable!
  • Helps to maintain corporate identity.
  • Can accommodate multiple logos in one font.
  • Much smaller document sizes.
  • Greater efficiency for operating systems.
  • Documents load, display, and print much faster.

Traditional bitmapped logos are not scalable, are of poor quality, have a fixed and inflexible resolution, and are susceptible to distortion and clipping.

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Complex and Multicolored Logos

Multicolored and intricately-detailed logos can be achieved using TrueType logo fonts, with no loss of quality at any size. Benefits of multicolored logo fonts include:

  • Colorable TrueType logo fonts are pre-trapped to ensure accurate printing
  • Easy-to-follow guide shows you how to colorize your TrueType logo font
  • No need for a new logo should your corporate colors change
Logos at magnification

Complex Logos at Magnification

LFS’s exclusive and painstaking manufacturing process enables your TrueType logo font to remain perfect at any size. Shown below is an example of an intricate and fully scalable coat of arms.

Complex Logos 01
Complex Logos 02
Complex Logos 03
Complex Logos 04
Complex Logos 05
Complex Logos 06
Complex Logos 07
Complex Logos 08

Situational Use of Complex and Multicolored TrueType Logo Fonts

  • Truetype logo fonts can be created with a transparent background, enabling them to function beautifully in PowerPoint slides or other graphics
  • TrueType logo font retains its shape, with no intrusive white box behind it
  • Functionality advantageous over traditional graphic images
  • Prints perfectly on the background color or graphic of your choice
Graduated logo sample

Graduated Logos

LFS excels at creating graduated logos – sometimes called vignettes – by combining the power of TrueType technology with LFS’s exclusive new production techniques.

The new graduated logo font simulates fine continuous tone gradations, and LFS’s installer macro is supplied for easy integration and implementation with existing documents.