Terms and Conditions

Payment and Delivery

Logo Font Solutions (LFS) accepts major credit and debit cards including American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Shipping and Handling (If Applicable)

LFS only applies a shipping charge for physical goods. Orders are shipped using United States Postal Services and International Couriers. Whilst every effort is made to ensure prompt delivery, LFS cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any delay, or for any actions that third-party companies may use to deliver goods to the customer. LFS usually emails your new logo font(s) to you, at no additional cost.

Quoted Prices

All charges and transactions are in US dollars. For all overseas visitors to the LFS website, actual charges from your credit card provider may vary slightly due to fluctuations in international currency exchange rates.

LFS reserves the right to amend or modify its prices or discounts without prior notice. LFS will not be responsible for any typographic errors or omissions, under any circumstances.

Cancellations or Returns

No returns on downloaded or emailed fonts or supplied digital products. Due to the nature of online font or image software sales, the customer shall not be entitled to cancel any order which has been accepted by LFS. At the time of receiving the font or digital software, the font or digital software shall be deemed to have been opened and therefore accepted as non-returnable goods.


All goods are supplied on the understanding that all copyright and licenses applied to the goods are upheld and maintained by the purchaser. These include any multi-user and multi-site Licenses. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that these are kept up to date where applicable. LFS will gladly offer their expert advice on licenses if you need assistance.


LFS products are fully guaranteed from technical defects. If you have a problem with any product supplied by LFS, simply contact LFS within seven days of receipt of goods. Free technical support is offered to all registered users of LFS products.

If the goods are found to be faulty or, if at the discretion of LFS, we agree to take back goods for any other reason, you must obtain a Return Authorization Number (RAN) from LFS. Upon receipt of a return, with a RAN, LFS will issue a credit or supply a replacement as agreed.

LFS shall not be under any liability, however, in respect to goods that are altered, modified, or repaired without LFS’s consent, or defects that arise wholly or partly as a result of negligence or improper handling by any person or any other cause outside the control of LFS.

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